Sportfishing In The Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is the sportfishing haven of the world, and there is certainly no doubt about it. The absolutely clear waters, the beautifully warm tropical climate, and the seemingly endless variety of the exotic and not so exotic varieties of fish in these waters make the Solomon Islands the world’s topmost position for sport fishing. It is rightfully said that when it comes to sports fishing The Solomon Islands rules.

People who come down for some Solomon Islands sport fishing are regaled with everything that a sports fishing aficionado desires. There is a very large variety of big game fish here, including several varieties of tuna such as the yellowfin tuna, the bluefin tuna, and the dogtooth tuna. Then there are other big fish such as the red bass and the giant trevally. Locally found Wahoo is also a big favorite of game fishing tourists, and so is the coral trout that is found here. In addition, the Pacific sailfish and the Spanish mackerel also abound in the waters of The Solomon Islands. If tourists go a little further, in the waters of the rivers running through The Solomon Islands forests, then they can sports fish for some cods, mangrove jacks, and some varieties of bass, such as the spot tail bass. For tourists who come down for sports fishing, The Solomon Islands delivers the goods and much more. That explains its great popularity in the world today.

The best destination for Solomon Islands sports fishing is the Zipolo Habu in the western region. The water here is so thick with different varieties of fish that people can just sit outside their resorts and hold their lines in the waters and come out with excellent game catches. The Zipolo Habu is a professional Solomon Islands sports fishing destination that is filled with game fishing tourists throughout the year, and that is the reason why you will find all kinds of facilities that sports fishing tourists require. Tourists can rent their fishing gear here for a very comfortable price and leave for a day’s trip with a fishing guide on a chartered boat. Such a sports fishing trip will rarely return without a catch of the bonefish or some species of the trevally. For the more tenacious sports fishing tourists, landing giant trevally is also not out of the question.

Solomon Islands sport fishing trips are carried out in several locations of the coastline and mainland, including the reefs, the rivers, estuaries, lagoons, and in the deep seas. The duration and the prices of the trips vary according to the location selected. In general, such Solomon Islands sport fishing journeys will take about one to four people on a boat, and the price would be close to 45 Australian dollars, not including the fuel costs. However, all equipment for fishing is provided onboard.

It is very exciting to go for a Solomon Islands sport fishing expedition, no doubt, but a great bonus is also thrown in. The Solomon Islands was a grisly victim of the ravages of World War II and many wartime relics are still present smattered on the Islands. If you walk the mainland, you will be able to see some preserved witnesses of this sad part of world history that The Solomon Islands shared.